Feedback on the GPEP programme as affects rural GP training

The Network has been asked to provide feedback on the current GPEP training programme and how it might be improved. We are seeking any feedback from members by close of business Monday 21 March to help shape our thinking and responses.

The General Practice Education Programme (GPEP)

The General Practice Education Programme (GPEP) is a three-year training programme delivered by the RNZCGP and includes:

  • One intensive first year of training in the work environment (GPEP1)
  • Two subsequent years of supervised practice and additional learning (GPEP2/3) where registrars are employed directly by general practices and continue to gain clinical experience and participate in an education programme delivered by the RNZCGP.


Feedback on the (GPEP) training funding model as it affects rural GP training and supply

Do you have any feedback for us on the current funding model for GPEP that helps:

  • Identify if the current model appropriately supports the GPEP to improve the number and distribution of rural General Practitioner (GP) training and supply, and future sustainability?
  • Identify any inhibitors within the current model that may be a barrier to improving the number and distribution of rural GP training and supply?
  • Provide any further recommendations for improvements to the contract that would improve the availability of rural GPs?


Please respond by replying to