Dr Fiona Bolden

Dr Fiona Bolden is the Network’s Chairperson. Fiona has been a rural GP for 25 years. She initially started in the West Country (UK) and was based in the West Coast of the North Island for 17 years. She served on the Network Committee between 2010 and 2015, returning after a two year gap when she was solely dedicated to her practice in Raglan. She worked for Midlands PHO as a clinical lead in mental health and addictions for four years and has been on the Midlands Rural SLAT since 2012. She was part of the practice team at Raglan which won the inaugural Rural General Practice of the Year Award. Her focus is firmly on rural primary care, with a special interest in mental health. She would like to see equity for all people and sees relationships with rural communities as being a vital part of that. Fiona is now based in Whangamata and continues to work as a rural GP.