Submissions and Papers

From time to time the Network makes submissions on health sector documents and providves other useful sector documents for people to peruse. You will find them here:

On November 3, 2015, the Network made a written submission to Pharmac on ‘Access to medicines and devices in primary care’. Read more.

The Network made a submission in August 2014 on the Immigration New Zealand review of the essential skills list following a signal from Government that the GP occupation might be removed from the long-term skills shortage list.

Prescribing rights under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 and Medicines (2012 - 916 KB)

Nurse Liaison Group meeting July 2009 (Word doc 495 KB)

Compression Therapy Evaluation  August 2009 (pdf 302 KB)

NASO speech June 2009 (pdf 47.3 KB)

Better at Work ACC June 2009 (pdf 305 KB)

District Nurses Section  August 2009 (pdf 241 KB)

Nurses at The Goodfellow Club 2008/09 (pdf 1038 KB)

Registered Nurse scope of practice - Submission to Nursing Council of New Zealand, May 2009 (pdf 98.9 KB) 

MCNZ consultation Network response to the new framework for supervision of international graduates. February 2009 ((pdf 88 KB)

NZRGPN submission on the Draft New Zealand Ambulance Service Strategy December 2008 (pdf 232 KB)

Rural Support Funding Questionnaire

NZ Rural After-Hours Primary Care Provider Survey 2006

The New Zealand Rural General Practice Network (NZRGPN) commissioned a survey examining rural health practitioners' viewpoints about providing after-hours primary care. The survey was conducted by Dr Ron Janes.  Providers were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire over the Internet that asked for their experiences and views about providing after-hours on-call care. The results of the survey have been released as three papers. 

Key findings of the Survey 
1. The impact (pdf 76 KB)of oncall on providers and their families [10 September 2006]
2. Rural general practitioners' and nurses' views on PRIME Primary Response in Medical Emergencies, 25 September 2006 (pdf 49 KB) 
3. Finding workable solutions (pdf 123 KB) to providing rural after-hours care 25 September 2006 

Rural Ranking Scale Review submission to Ministry of Health

Section 88 Maternity Notice Submission to Ministry of Health 

Guidelines and recommendations on 45-64 Age Group Funding 

These documents are presented in PDF format. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can download it for free from Adobe.