What's going on in rural New Zealand?

Latest Updates

  • New ACC service - GPs required

    Date published
    20 Jun 2012

    On October 1, 2012 ACC will introduce a new service - Clinical Review of Fitness for Work - to assist GPs who need support when certifying patients' work capacity.

  • 'Blood, bones, fractures. It's good.'

    Date published
    14 Jun 2012

    Eighty-six year old Mary Judd makes the trip from her home to a doctor's surgery in Levin every weekday. (Dominion Post)

  • Free health checks plan

    Date published
    2 May 2012

    The Southern Primary Health Organisation has approved a $300,000 initiative supporting free primary healthcare measures for "high needs" patients, chief executive Ian Macara said. (ODT)

  • Future of health services on the West Coast

    Date published
    30 Apr 2012

    Over recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation in the media around the future of health services on the West Coast. Some of the information has come from leaks within the District Health Board, while some has come from past employees. Irrespective of where the information has come from some of the headlines have been misleading. It is important that Coasters have accurate facts when judging the validity of what they are reading in the paper and forming their opinion. (Press release, West Coast DHB/Scoop)


  • Defribillators for Geraldine region

    Date published
    26 Apr 2012

    Funding has been secured for nine new defibrillators to be installed in coming months around the Geraldine region. (Timaru Herald)


  • Defibrillators installed in Alpine Energy vehicles

    Date published
    26 Apr 2012

    A heart-felt move by Alpine Energy Ltd recently has left the community a safer place. (Scoop)

  • Workforce strategy for the health and disability

    Date published
    22 Jan 2012

    Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) is developing a workforce strategy for the health and disability support sector.

  • Judgement favours pharmacist

    Date published
    5 Oct 2011

    The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand Inc has welcomed a court decision in the case between GlaxoSmithKline NZ Ltd (GSK) and Ian Johnson Pharmacy Ltd (IJPL) over the recall of suspected faulty medication.